As Final Cut Server has been discontinued last week, I decided to release most of the Final Cut Server scripts I wrote in the last years into the wild.
This is the first script including setup description.

Maybe you already know fiprecon, my little middleware between Final Cut Server and Archiware PresSTORE, which allows Final Cut Server to archive media on tape.
In this article I’ll explain how to install an extended version of fiprecon, which adds the following features to the basic version:

  • recursive archiving and restoring of productions and FCP projects
  • stores id, label and barcode of the tape on which an asset has been archived in the asset’s FCSvr metadata
  • sends a mail to an administrator, if a tape needed for a restore process is not available. Includes a list of missing tapes, supports authorized mail sending

Please make sure you try this in your lab first, to make sure everything works as expected.

Please download this zip file, copy it to your computer and extract it.

Login to the Terminal using the same user credentials you used to install Final Cut Server.
Now create /usr/local/fiprecon:
mkdir -p /usr/local/fiprecon
Copy the contents of the fiprecon folder into it.

Install the launchd plist files into /Library/LaunchDaemons and set the permissions to
-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 429 May 4 2010 de.andre-aulich.aw2fcsvr.plist
-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 429 May 4 2010 de.andre-aulich.fcsvr2aw.plist

Launch them:
sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/de.andre-aulich.*
Now run the config tool:
sudo /usr/local/fiprecon/bin/config.command

Add this line to your /etc/sudoers file:
ALL ALL = NOPASSWD: /Library/Application\ Support/Final\ Cut\ Server/Final\ Cut\ Server.bundle/Contents/MacOS/fcsvr_client

Add this line to your /etc/newsyslog.conf file:
/usr/local/fiprecon/logs/activity.log 777 10 100000 * J

Now open your FCSvr admin panel and create these items:
Metadata fields:
Unicode Strings:


Category is always “None”.

Metadata groups:

Please add the fields “Send FCP Project To Archive” and “Restore FCP project from Archive” to the Asset Filter MD group:

Please add the fields “Send Production To Archive” and “Restore Production from Archive” to the Production Filter MD group:


Command path is /usr/local/fiprecon/bin/archivefcpproject.command
Command Parameter is [Asset ID]

Command path is /usr/local/fiprecon/bin/archiveproduction.command
Command Parameter is [Production ID]

Command path is /usr/local/fiprecon/bin/restorefcpproject.command
Command Parameter is [Asset ID]

Command path is /usr/local/fiprecon/bin/restoreproduction.command
Command Parameter is [Production ID]


Add /usr/local/fiprecon/bin/postarchive.command as a post-archive command to your archive device.
Add /usr/local/fiprecon/bin/prerestore.command as pre-restore command.

Now fiprecon should work like this:
1. You can still select one or more assets in the FCSvr client interface and send them to the archive.
2. Instead, you can also select an FCP project asset and archive/restore entire FCP projects:

3. The same works with productions:

4. After PresSTORE wrote a file to tape, fiprecon will write the tape id back to the item’s FCSvr metadata:

If you archive and restore the same asset multiple times, fiprecon pro will only store the tape ID of the latest archive process, as a normal restore process will always access the latest version only.
I added some functionality to send authenticated emails if tapes needed for a restore process are missing. You will get the idea when you run the config tool.


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