Python article available

At I just published an article which explains how to let your Python app react on double-clicking a document in the OS X Finder.

Moosystems Success Story Available Online

Earlier this year I built a Cantemo Portal MAM system at the new content media group GmbH in Bremen, which manages media before they get published on the web tv station


Archiware P5 Archive Articles Available

If you want to know how to make your Archiware P5 Archive more secure and how to improve your restore speed, feel free to read my two new articles Archiware P5 Archive: Dedicate Drive to Data Restore and Redundant Archiware P5 Archive Setup.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

CP Archive App available

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the CP Archive App, an extension to the media asset management solution Cantemo Portal, which allows Portal to archive media files on disk or tape using Archiware P5 Archive. Please get … Continue reading

Automatic migration from Final Cut Server to Cantemo Portal

I just released the CP Migration Tool on my moosystems website. Using the CP Migration Tool you can easily migrate your media, FCP7 project files as well as your Final Cut Server productions to Cantemo Portal while preserving all existing … Continue reading

Use PresSTORE Archive to automatically move data to tape

When people ask me which Media Asset Management solution would be the best fit for their environment, in many cases it turns out, that all they want to do is move unneeded data away from their high-performance, low-latency online volume … Continue reading